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 Two believers came together in 2019 with a dream of creating the largest and most culturally diverse online marketplace - Culture Kraze. Johnetta and Aaron Howard founded Culture Kraze Marketplace in 2018 with the purpose of amalgamating cultures, countries, and styles in one place. Back in 2018, Culture Kraze was just an idea that was taking form, but the leap of faith and courage taken by Johnetta and Aaron paved the way for an innovative and multicultural marketplace. The idea behind the online marketplace was to let everyone - buyers and sellers, have a platform to portray their individual needs and goods. At the time Johnetta and Aaron were building up Culture Kraze, their vision for the platform was very specific. To create a platform that encouraged community building; promoted employee and volunteer empowerment; strength in integrity; service par excellence; valuing respect; achieving outstanding results through teamwork and unity. Both the founders sought ways to imbibe these core values in every venture they undertook. Eventually, their steadfast certainty and commitment to the values brought them success at Culture Kraze. Culture Kraze provided a valid platform for everyone to share their culture with others. While this was a wonderful way to connect with people and their cultures, it had carved a much deeper and meaningful purpose out. Johnetta and Aaron realized that creating this platform had a much larger impact on people’s lives than they had initially intended. People who had been associated with Culture Kraze developed a greater understanding and mutual respect of all cultures and ethnicities. This perhaps has been a way through which it has built more respectful and meaningful relationships through the online platform. From the get-go, Johnetta and Aaron saw creating an online community of buyers and sellers where they all came together as one to support each other. Culture Kraze did more than that and influenced and helped people reconnect with their culture. It provided people with a safe space to be proud of who they were and where they came from. Over the years, the founders of Culture Kraze identified a need to expand its mission beyond a multi-vendor platform into a nonprofit organization. The vision to garner more community support led to the establishment of Culture Kraze Cares. The nonprofit aims to build up community support for the culturally diverse and marginalized people. By mobilizing community support towards its mission, the founders believe that a more supportive social system can be put into place that would eventually lead to an inherent empathetic outlook towards all cultures. Culture Kraze Cares is known for its commitment to upholding the core values laid down by Culture Kraze, and some ways they plan to reinforce their commitment is by continuously working at their goals. They plan to launch one-of-a-kind cultural and ethnic thrift stores and transitional homes for immigrants. They have also been working towards creating partnerships with educational institutions to modify curriculums to create ethnic inclusive learning environments. One of the most exciting aspects is sponsorship and commencement of nationwide cultural awareness. The story behind the creation and launch of Culture Kraze Cares is one of resilience and adversity and we hope that everyone who is associated with us will share the same opinion - cultural identity and diversity is what makes each one of us unique. No one should ever have to dim their light for coming from a more diverse cultural background because every person lights up the world through their diversity.

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