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2022 Tai Sui Card

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This beautiful handy pocket sized Tai Sui Card features the image of the noble Tai Sui (also known as Grand Duke Jupiter) on one side and powerful Taoist script on the reverse side. In Chinese culture, Tai Sui is a position in the celestial heavens responsible for the world's affairs for a certain year. People's happiness, luck, fortune, health, and prosperity are all under his control. It is said that one must appease and pay respect to Tai Sui to avoid a year full of obstacles and difficulties.

The name of the Tai Sui is General Ben He who is carrying on sword to safeguard safety. For those who conflict Tai Sui, such as zodiac tiger, monkey, snake and boar, is highly recommended to carry such beautiful tai sui card with you for protection and positive blessings.

One can carry this Tai Sui Card with him/her throughout the year. The dimension of the feng shui card is approx. 3 1/8" x 2". It is made of thick paper. 

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