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8 Inch Meditation Buddha - Shakyamuni Bodhisattva

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Featuring of crossing-legged on lotus and holding one round ball, this Shakyamuni Bodhisattva is in meditating.  Having such a meditating Buddha at home helps you bring a sense of peace and calm since Buddha has the intention to quiet the mind and allow for an expansion of spiritual insight. 

Buddha is the symbol of happiness, kindness, knowledge and illumination. It is perfect for home, office. The symbol on Shakyamuni Bodhisattva chest is the Buddha symbol and only Shakyamuni Bodhisattva has such symbol. 

The dimension of this Shakyamuni Bodhisattva statue is approx. 5"(L) x 4"(W) x 8"(H).  It is made of polyresin.