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Amethyst Bracelet

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This lovely amethyst bracelet features pure deep purple amethyst beads strung on a strong elastic band. The lovely amethyst beads are soothing to the touch and attractive to the eye. This gorgeous amethyst bracelet is perfect for all style lovers and will arouse one’s inner harmony, tranquility and the powers released from the amethyst.

In ancient times, the amethyst was also known as the “gem of fire” and was worth as much as a diamond for its astonishing physical and spiritual healing abilities. The amethyst is able to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions.

Containing the energy of fire and passion, the amethyst powerfully strengthens creativity and spirituality, yet also amplifies inner harmony. The beautiful amethyst is able to amplify imagination, intuition, and mental force. Because of these renown powers, the amethyst is also known as the Artist’s stone, composer’s stone, inventor’s stone, poet’s and painter’s stones. Amethysts are able to enhance cognitive function, and accelerate intuitive abilities.

Amethysts are also powerful meditation stones. These beautiful stones are said to have the ability to cleanse the soul from evil chi and harmonize the mind for an enhanced meditative state. Also known as the “all healer,” amethysts have an amazing ability to heal, and soothes the soul from negative earth energies. Since ancient times, amethysts have been used to limit overindulgence and prevent drunkenness.

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