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Amitayus Buddha Healing Amulet

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This golden amulet has the image of Amitayus Buddha with Bamboo for healing. The Amitayus Buddha is the Buddha of longevity, merit and wisdom. Meanwhile, bamboo represents safety and good health in feng shui. On the another side of the amulet, there is one powerful seed syllable surrounded by 2 rings of secret mantra.

Amitayus Buddha has the endless power for healing all kinds of physical and mental problems. On the another hand, seed syllable surrounded by 2 rings of secret mantra can dispel negative energy. You can carry this Amitayus Buddha healing amulet with you all time or hang it in the location of flying star #2 locates (In 2014, flying star #2 locates in the East position) to bring you longevity luck.

The overall size of the healing amulet is approx. 4" in length. It is made of brass.

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