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Anti-Burglary Plaque

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This graceful Anti-Burglary Plaque contains powerful secret mantras and the images of the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant and is thus able to produce a protective energy shield over one's home and against potential robbery and theft engendered by violent star.

Blue Rhino and Elephant is one of the best feng shui cures to subdue the flying star #7 which causes violence and accidents. Blue rhino and elephant can help you beat competitors and backstabbing. They are also used to safeguard one's career from accidental mishaps. This is reason that we called it Anti Burglary Plaque.

Besides of its ability of overcoming flying star #7, Mantra on this plaque can bring you endless protections. And auspicious clouds in the sky are the symbol of good fortune coming.

The Anti-Burglary Plaque can be displayed on the table or shelf or hung on a wall. The dimension of it is approx. 7" x 7" x 3/4".

The picture is colorful and there are mantra stamps on each of the rhino and elephants.

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