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Aventurine Tumbled Polished Natural Stone

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Recognized as the stone of opportunity and luck, aventurine is very beneficial for windfall luck. It is said that one should never buy a lottery ticket without an aventurine in one's left pocket.

As a heart chakra stone, aventurine stimulates inspiration and creativity, high lightening one's talent and performance.

It can be used as a powerful mental healer to increases one's vitality, providing one a positive view in life. It also assists in self-discipline and self-control. It cultivates one’s inner self and enhances his inner strength, helps to pacify emotional turbulence. It is particularly beneficial for teenagers.

In the year of 2014, one can display eight pieces of aventurines in the north of one's house to usher in blissful luck and generate happiness in life.

The aventurine tumbled polished natural stone has grade A and it has big size (thick). Each of gemstone is approx. 1".

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