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Big Buddha Statue

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This red wood color big Buddha statue is the symbol of happiness and wealth.  He is the Buddha for business to attract more customers to your business or the Buddha for your home to bring happiness. 

The big Chinese Buddha is holding up one big ingot to represent holding wealth in.  Laughing is the symbol of happiness and wu lou stands for good health.

The auspicious Chinese words on the base of this laughing Buddha have the meanings of bringing wealth. Base and Buddha are connected together.

How to place the big Chinese Buddha?

  • You can place it in your living room to bring good luck to home
  • Place it at the Southeast of your house to bring wealth
  • Place it at South for knowledge
  • Display it at the East for health
  • Display it in front of your cashier or register counter to bring more business
  • Place it at Southwest for happiness
  • Place it on your desk near you work/study to concentrate your mind

Dimension: approx. 12 1/2" x 12" x 27 1/2"

Material: resin

Feng Shui Import

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