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Big Golden Kei Loons

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Chinese Kei Loons are heavenly creatures that were placed on the roof of the building in ancient China. They can bring wealth and offspring as well as ward off bad flying chi.

This pair of Kei Loons is also stepping on four scholastic objects, coins and cloud. four scholastic objects is good for education. They are also the activators to activate the flying star 4 green that is in charge of the education. Chinese coins are the symbol of wealth. Cloud is the meanings of upper level.

Chinese Kei Loons have dragon head and horse body. Dragon can blow cosmic chi to people and bring wealth; Horse represents great career success. They usually come with one pair. People call them chi lin, dragon horse, kei loons or Chinese unicorn.

How to place Chinese Kei Loons in modern life?

  • Placing them in the career position (North) enhances career luck.
  • Placing them in the Love position (Southwest) increase love luck, or bring offspring.
  • Placing them in Northeast will help children's education.

Dimension: They are big golden kei loons and come with the stand (glued together). Each of them is approx. 16" x 7 1/2" x 15 1/2". Price is for one pair.

Material: Resin and Gold dyed

Feng Shui Import

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