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Bissli Snack with Barbecue Flavor by Ossem - Large Size

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Size: 1 pack

Barbecue flavor bite size nosh. Israel's favorite snack food. Popular with kids everywhere! 
No preservatives or food coloring.

Bissli, the bite-size savory that has become the national snack of Israel. Available in a choice of flavors, we invite you to enjoy barbecue. Sharp and tangy, you won’t be able to put the packet down! Add to salads for that crunchy experience or nosh as you work play or just spend bissli time.

Made in Israel. 100% Kosher with certification from Badatz Jerusalem

Allergen information: contains wheat gluten and soy.

Osem Bissli Snack
Barbecue Flavor
6.7 oz / 190 gr

Ajudaica Designs

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