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Blood Tumbled Polished Natural Stone

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Believed to be a magical stone in ancient times, ancient warriors carried Blood tumbled polished natural stone amulets for the reason that it is capable of stopping hemorrhage.  

People who require added strength can appeal to the blessing of eight pieces of blood stones. It helps a person who gets stuck in an idea to clarify his thoughts, to dispel perplexity and shed a new light on the subject that he has been reflecting.

Known as stones of courage, bloodstones improves physical strength, enhances self-esteem and self-appreciation, and calms anxiousness. It promotes love for family and enhances wealth by improving the business and its legal matters.  

The bloodstone also fights evil and prevents jealousy. It cultivates one's spirit in a healthy way. It pacifies a wounded heart and consoles the grief. Bloodstone also enhances creativity and intuition.  

On a physical level, bloodstone is capable of performing metaphysical cure to blood disorders and enhancing blood flow. It strengthens the immune system and detoxifies.

In the year of 2014, one can display eight pieces of blood stones in the north of one's house to usher in auspicious joyous energy. One can also display eight pieces of them in the center of the house to stimulate inspiration luck and creativity.

The blood tumbled polished natural stone has grade A and it has big size (thick). Each of gemstone is approx. 1".

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