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Blue Crystal Ball with Crystal Stand

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Product Description

The gorgeous blue crystal is perched on top of a delicate crystal stand. Solid crystal balls are highly valued by feng shui masters for their powerfully pure earth energy, and their useful harmonizing effects. The crystal’s color is blue – the color of medicine Buddha - and is highly valued for its ability to strengthen one’s health, bring well-being luck, and increase business opportunities. This beautiful blue crystal is a perfect gift for family and close friends.

The dimensions are approx. 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 3 3/4".  It is made of glass.

Blue Crystal Ball Symbolism and Application in Feng Shui

Solid crystal balls are highly valued for their ability to energize the earth element and are very versatile tools and enhancers. The crystal's blue color – the color of the medicine Buddha - is known to help boost one's health. It is highly valued for its ability to diminish unhealthy toxins, stabilize internal unevenness, ease loneliness, and promote internal harmony.

In addition to its healing energies, blue crystals help activate positive flow of chi to aid one’s pursuit in leadership and business. Blue crystals are desired for their ability to increase career opportunities, financial strength, leadership abilities, and prosperity. When placed on a desk or work place, blue crystals strengthen intuition, opens flow of communication, and generate positive decision making.


1. When placed in the Southeast sector of a room, near cash registers (or other important areas for business), one's wealth luck is strengthened. Southeast stands for wealth luck, and when placed here, one will achieve monetary gains, income increase, and business luck.

2. Northwest - according to the Bagua 8 Life Aspirations Theory - is the universal sector for mentor luck. When the crystal is placed here, it will help increase money luck and opportunities from helpful people in career and business pursuits. Northwest's element is metal, and since solid crystals have powerful earth energy, crystals are highly suited for the northwest direction - earth produces metals. Placing the crystal in the northwest will also bring smooth relationships between couples and in marriage.

3. Southwest - according to the Bagua 8 Life Aspirations Theory - is the universal corner for love and romance. When the crystal is placed in the southwest corner of a living room or bedroom, one's relationship and romance luck will be strengthened.

4. When placed in the northeast of a bedroom, one’s educational luck will be enhanced. When the crystal is placed on a work desk, it will help accelerate one's career, and aid in concentration and decision making.

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