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Brass Incense Oil Burner with Elephant

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This beautiful brass elephant incense burner is perfect for heating up fragrance incense oils. This incense oil burner has the ability to fill rooms with wonderful scent and calm vibes. This brass incense burner is a perfect gift to pair alongside any of our fragrance incense, and is perfect for home use, meditation, or as an air purifier. This beautiful incense oil burner features an intricately crafted elephant; since antiquity, the elephant has been a powerful symbol of strength, good fortune, knowledge, and fertility.

Incense and incense burners have been popularly used since antiquity to symbolize joy, purity, and bliss. Incense are known to help purify and enhance positive chi around the environment of a room or living space. The wonderful smell of characteristic incense will help enliven souls, instill harmony, and grant good fortune chi.

The elephant has the same utility as fu dogs, and are a popular protection cure with their physical power and strength. The elephant has also been used as a good luck charm since ancient times in Asian mythology and culture. Considered a sacred animal in Buddhism and Indian mythology, the elephant also has the power to enhance intellectual curiosity and the excitement for knowledge. (Place in an office or study room for an intellectual boost.)

How to use incense oil burner?

Pour some scented fragrance incense oils into dish on the top of the burner. Then put one candle inside the brass incense oil burner and light up the candle. The heat will evaporate the incense oil and let whole room has fragrance smell. 

The dimension of the brass oil burner is approx. 3 1/4" x 2" x 4 1/2". They are both made of brass. 

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