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California White Sage-small

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Sage is one the sacred herb from coastal mountains of California and it is used to clean environment known as smudging in New Age. The burning sage can ward off bad spirits. It is one of the New Age products.

How to burn sage?

Light the bundle from the top end and go every corner of your rooms. Or you crush into leaves, put them on the burning charcoal tablet and place charcoal burner at safe surface.

Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable materials. It is one big pack of white sage.

There are two sizes:

small size: It is approx. 3" - 4" in length and small bundle

big size: It is approx. 8" - 9" in length and big bundle

Price is for one. Since this picture is for variant items, picture may be different from the title. We will ship you the one same as the title name.

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