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Chinese Kei Loons Statue

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Chinese Feng Shui Kei Loons are heavenly creatures that have dragon head and horse body. Dragon is the auspicious animal to blow cosmic chi and bring wealth; and horse represents great career success. They also can ward off bad flying chi and bring offspring to home. They usually come with one pair. One with ball under his foot is male. And the one with a little Chi Lin is female. They are referred as creatures of decreasing bad flying stars. They have the meaning of good omen, prosperity, success, longevity, illustrious offspring, and enchantment.

How to place it?

  • Placing them in the career position (North) enhances career luck.
  • Placing them in the Love position (Southwest) increase love luck, or bring offspring.
  • Placing them in Northeast will help children's education.

Dimension: approx. 6" x 2" x 2.5"

Material: Advanced Colorful Resin

Feng Shui Import

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