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Chinese New Year Decoration-big

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Chinese New Year Decoration for door decorating has one Chinese talisman Chao Chai Jin Bao and some lucky symbols, such as dragon phoenix, lantern, sailing boat and fortune bats, surrounded.

The Chinese talisman Chao Chai Jin Bao has the meaning of Bringing Wealth. Chao Chai Jin Bao is four Chinese words and makes these 4 fours into one Big Word Bao (treasure). It is good for door decorating.

You can post the Chinese New Year Decoration on wall or door for Chinese New Year. It is made of paper coated with cloth. 

The Chinese New Year Decoration has two size:

small size is approx. 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" and big size is approx. 6 5/8" x 6 5/8".

Price is for one. Since this picture is for variant items, picture may be different from the title. We will ship you the one same as the title name.

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