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Colorful Standing Rooster Statue

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This splendid multicolor standing rooster is said to bring prosperity and joyous events into the house. Coins, ingots, pearl and flower stand for peace, wealth and prosperity. Rooster statue is also a feng shui remedy to ward off argument and conflicting chi and solve the ominous chi from killing Shape.

Some drainage pipes or electric poles that look like the centipede will cause digestive system problems or anorexia to the family members especially children. Place a rooster by that window that can see the killing shape; let the head of the rooster (especially the mouth of the rooster) face to the killing shape to deflect the bad energy. For the reliable cure to kid's anorexia, besides placing the rooster to ward off the bad chi, place a feng shui golden fatty pig by the dinning table or in kid's bedroom is recommended to use in the same time.

Remember: One rooster statue is enough, two or more would cause fights among them and forget the duty, so do not over do it; Rabbit people are not recommended to make this arrangement, because Rabbit and Rooster are offensive mutually in zodiac.

As a confident and ambitious Feng Shui symbol, Rooster is also recognized as a powerful enhancer to raise one's authority and rank in career. Place the rooster figurine or hang a picture of Rooster (but the rooster has to be golden or brass) in the northwest region of your office or living room is an authentic way to gather fame luck and good career fortune. Rooster can dissolve the office politics and favor to solve the competition in work or commerce to ensure a final victor.

To precaution against the extramarital intervene, married couples can place a golden rooster facing the main door prevent their spouse from third party.

The dimension of the colorful rooster statue is approx. 4" x 2 1/2" x 5". It is made of resin.

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