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Copper Holy Cups for Foretelling Fortune

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This pair of the holy cups is specially designed for people foretelling fortune. They looks like shell and made of metal copper. People usually use them to foretell whether it is fine to do something important or not before they do it.

How to foretell fortune?
First you need to pray. After that, hold these two holy cups, make a wish in front of the Buddha and throw the cups to the air. There are three results:

  1. If you see these two cups in different positions - one shows the outside of the shell and another shows inside the shell, it means that your wish can come true;
  2. If two cups shows the outside surface of the shells, it means it is fine;
  3. If two cups shows inside surface of the shells, it means that it is not good.

They are chained together with two Chinese coins and made of metal copper. The dimension of the shell and coin are approx. 1". The overall length of the chain is approx. 14".

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