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Dragon Heaven Seal

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In feng shui, there are 3 lucks to determine people's fortune: heaven luck, earth luck and mankind luck. 90% of the heaven luck and can't be changed from the birth - where and when your born. For example, some are born in rich family and some don't. Mankind luck and earth luck can be changed through whole life.

Display such dragon heaven seal can activate heaven luck from the heaven and bring wealth, good luck and good health from the heaven. It would be even better if you activated both Heaven luck and Earth luck by displaying both dragon earth seal and dragon heaven seal.

There are triple dragons chasing red ball on the top of the dragon heaven seal. Dragon is the auspicious animal that has endless power to bring auspicious energy to people. And the red ball stands for treasure.

The Chinese calligraphy in the front and the bottom of the dragon heaven seal are Blessing from Heaven. The dragon heaven seal is made of copper. The dimension of it is approx. 2" x 2" x 3". It also comes one wood base.

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