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Elephant Carrying Mani BaoZhu

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This absolutely superb ivory white bejeweled elephant accented with sparkling crystals and gold trappings is carrying Mani BaoZhu. Mani BaoZhu , which is is composed of flame, treasure and lotus, is the wishful treasure bead which is from Dragon Palace.

One bejeweled jewelry box carried by the trunk of the gorgeous elephant adds its opulence to this magnificent animal. Elephant stands for power, strength and endurance as well as brings good luck and health.

Mani BaoZhu, which is carrying on the back of this splendid elephant, is the treasure to overcome misfortunes. It is the symbol of peach, happiness, wealth and good fortune. There are 5 treasures in the center and lotus is under the treasure. 5 treasure is also surrounded by red flames burning up. The red flames can radiate lights and shine all over the world to relieve poverty and suffering.

You can display this splendid elephant statue on your table in office or home. The dimension of it is approx. 4"(L) x 1 3/4"(D) x 3 1/2"(H). It is made of copper.

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