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Extra Large Yemenite Natural Shofar

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$185.70 - $212.24
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Size: 40"-41"

This extra large Yemenite Shofar, hand-crafted in Israel, has a natural finish. It is a magnificent item that will be treasured for its size and beauty.

It produces excellent sounds, is scent-free and has Rabbinate certification. We offer you a choice of 40”-41”, or 42”-43” or 44” length. These lengths produce quality sound. The length is measured around the curve. We have hundreds of Shofar in stock so we can guarantee immediate delivery. Before shipping, every Shofar is checked again for sound and quality. The Shofar pictured is for illustration - color and shape vary.

For many generations, the Jews of Yemen used on Rosh Hashanah the long spiral Shofars. Today, they are popular throughout the world and have become collectors’ items. The horns originate from the Kudu, a large antelope found in south or east Africa.
The Shofar figured prominently in the conquest of Jericho, the first city the Jewish People conquered when they entered Canaan, as Israel was called then, after forty years in the wilderness. Jericho was heavily fortified, surrounded by a thick wall on all sides. Every day, for six days, the Jewish army circled the city, headed by the Priests carrying the Holy Ark and rams' horns. On the seventh day, at the command of G-d, they circled seven times and when the Priests blew on the Shofars, the people uttered a great shout and the walls of the city crashed and sank, laying the whole city open to the jubilant Jews. (See Joshua, Chapter Six)

When purchasing this shofar you will receive our informative Shofar Guide with tips on blowing and caring for your shofar


Handmade in Israel
Certified Kosher
Material: African Kudu

Ajudaica Designs

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