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Feng Shui Small Money Frog Sculpture

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This golden feng shui frog with one Chinese coin in its mouth is one of the most popular feng shui products to attract wealth. It is sitting on beds of Chinese coins carved with different Chinese idioms that have good meanings.  

Money frog, which is also called three-legged frog or feng shui frog, is believed that it can bring wealth and prosperity in. Displaying one at your money corner can accumulate money chi.

The idioms on the Chinese coins are also used as Chinese talisman words to enhance its good luck power.  The idioms start from number 1 to number 10. The meanings of Chinese idioms from 1 to 10 are as followings:

1. Yi Ben Wan Li has the meanings of One Money Changing Million

2. Er Ren Tong Xin has the meanings of Two Persons Having Same Thought

3. San Yuan Ji Di has the meanings of success in education (Got First Place in Big Three Tests)

4. Si Ji Ping An has the meanings of Safety in Four Seasons

5. Wu Gu Feng Deng has the meanings of Good Harvest in Five Crops

6. Liu He Tong Chun has the meanings of Harmony ( in Six Places - heaven, earth, east, west, north and south)

7. Qi Zi Tuan Yuan has the meanings of union

8. Ba Xian Zhu Fu has the meanings of Good Luck from Eight Immortals

9. Jiu Shi Tong Ju has the meanings of Good Health and Longevity (Nine Generation Living Together)

10. Shi Quan Fu Hui has the meanings of Wealth

One Yin Yang symbol on the top stands for balance which is good in feng shui.  Further more, 7 red crystals on the back of the feng shui frog representing Big Dipper are used to increased the money frog's power.

How to place feng shui frog?

  • Place it near the front door, positioned in lower level but not on the ground.
  • Or place it at one of the corners of the house (diagonal corner is the best), mouth facing the main door
  • For those have business/shop, they can place three-legged toad near the cash register ( make sure its mouth is not facing the cash register)
  • For those who want to invite more wealth to the house, they can place as many (not more than 9 frogs) as three-legged frog (money toad) as they wish. They can be placed all over the living room, dining room or garden.

Dimension: approx. 10" x 9 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Material: resin, gold dyed


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