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Feng Shui Goldfish

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3 beautiful vivid golden feng shui goldfish playing on the bed of gold coins and gold wealthy pot represent to bring wealth and abundant. Displaying such feng shui goldfish statue at your office or home to bring money luck.

The bodies of the feng shui goldfish as well as the stream connecting to the fishes are full of gold coins to boost money luck energy. They are glued to one wood-like stand. The Chinese character on the wealthy pot is Good Luck and the characters on the stand are Jin Yu Mang Tang that have the meanings of Full of Gold in the House.

In addition, feng shui goldfish also stand for pursuit high fame because of the character of swinging upstream. You can display the feng shui goldfish in the north for maximum money luck. The dimension of the whole feng shui goldfish is approx. 13" x 7" x 12 1/2". It is made of resin and gold.

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