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Feng Shui Ruler

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Chinese believe that different length has different meanings: some length presents good meanings and some don't. Especially the length of the main door, kitchen and cash counter are very important. This feng shui ruler can let you know such important factor and help you chose the good length for some important stuff.

Feng Shui Ruler is also called Ru Ban Ruler. Ru Ban who is the most famous carpenter in Ancient China found out such important rule. It is made of metal (copper). The length of it is approx. 19".

Feng shui ruler is divided into 8 big grids and each big grid is divided into 4 small grids. Since they are carved in Chinese, the meanings of the each big grid from left to right of the ruler ( Number 1, 2 represents the start) are as followings.

  1. Grid One (from 0 to number 1 something): wealth and harmony;
  2. Grid Two (from close number 2 to number 3 something): sick and lonely;
  3. Grid Three (from number 3 something to number 5 thing): lost;
  4. Grid Four (from number 5 something to number 7 thing): prosperity and boom in population;
  5. Grid Five (from number 7 something to number 8 thing): promotion and nobleness;
  6. Grid Six (from number 8 something to number 10 thing): death and lost;
  7. Grid Seven (from number 10 something to number 12 thing): disease and argument;
  8. Grid Eight (from number 12 something to number 14 thing): good starting;

If the length of your stuff is over then the length of the ruler, you can repeat the ruler.

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