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Five Dzambhala Talisman Card

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This beautiful handy pocket sized carrying along talisman card framed with motifs of the Buddhist swastika has the image of Five Dzambhala on one side and description on the reverse side.

Five Dzambhala are Green Dzambhala, White Dzambhala, Red Dzambhala, Yellow Dzambhala and Black Dzambhala. Green Dzambhala is in the center representing success and fulfillment.  Upper-right hand side is White Dzambhala representing to increase wealth; Bottom-left hand side is Red Dzambhala representing to bring prosperity and wealth; Bottom-right hand side is Yellow Dzambhala representing to enhance good luck, longevity and widsom; Upper-left hand size is Black Dzambhala representing to prevent from stealing and sickness, etc.

You can put Five Dzambhala Talisman Card into your wallet or purse to acquire benefit result from Five Dzambhala. The dimension of the talisman card is approx. 3 1/8" x 2". It is made of brass.

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