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Giant Relaxed Sisal Bin Basket - Coral & Cream Bands

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This oversized basket from Kenya provides versatile storage and striking style. Unstructured and woven from 100% sisal, the basket will relax in its natural state, so it must be stuffed full to remain upright. Think blankets and pillows or a massive potted house plant!

Sisal is a tough, natural fiber with a spiky texture, extracted from the agave plant. Baskets woven from sisal are remarkably durable.

Due to the large size and unstructured nature of this basket, it will ship flattened and will need to be shaped upon arrival.

Sold singly. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.

Care: Spray with cold water and reshape as needed.

Dimensions: 24"T x 21"W

Crafted from: Sisal fiber, banana fiber, textile dye

Made in: Kenya


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