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King Tutankhamen's Life-Size Sarcophagus Cabinet

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The exotic mystery of ancient Egypt realizes its most famous artifact in the sarcophagus. These artistic rarities have been long coveted by museums and private collectors alike. Now our cabinetmakers have replicated the sarcophagus that held King Tutankhamen for more than 3,000 years. Measuring taller than most men (6¼ feet), our sarcophagus opens to reveal 14 storage shelves. Hand-crafted of solid wood with resin details and hand-painted in an Egyptian palette with real gold leaf accents, it can be wall-mounted for added stability.


Assembly: Instructions included.

Wall mounting is recommended because of tipping hazard.
Includes 2 screw hole(s) for mounting. Follow simple steps in the PDF linked above.
Please note these instructions are meant for common drywall walls. If other conditions are present, check with your local hardware store for recommendations on hardware and hanging methods.
Shelves are removable.
This item is recommended for indoor display only.
This work of sculptural art uses the ancient gilding process of real gold and/or silver leaf, which is applied by hand one piece at a time. As a result, tone and texture may vary slightly giving it the unique look of original antiques.

Wood Furniture Care:Do not place your furniture in direct sunlight and/or in a damp area.

Arrange your furniture so it is not placed near heating or air conditioning vents.
Avoid placing furniture directly under windows.
Be careful not to place plastic materials on your furniture. Certain plastics have elements that may react with and damage the finish.
Occasionally rotate accessories so they do not remain in the same spot for extended periods of time.
Avoid creating marks on your furniture by placing a piece of felt cloth or leather under accessories.
Lift objects directly up rather than dragging items across the finish of your furniture.
Use a protective pad when using your furniture as a writing surface.
Wipe up spills promptly. Water left over a prolonged period of time will cause white spots in the finish.
Dust frequently with a clean dry lint-free cloth. To remove accumulated dust or furniture wax build-up use a soft cloth dampened in a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Dry thoroughly using a clean cloth and then apply furniture polish wiping it in the direction of the wood grain.
We recommend that furniture be polished every six months.
Wood finishes will change in appearance as they are used. Slight variations in appearance and the fit of joints and seams will result from the normal expansion and contraction of wood as it responds to climatic changes in the home.

Please remember a little maintenance and care will keep your furniture investments beautiful for years to come.

Product Dimensions: 21"Wx20"Dx75"H. 128 lbs.

Inside Space: 11"W
Between Shelves: 8.5"H.
Cabinet Shelves: 10.75"Wx6"D.
Door Shelves: 10.75"Wx3.75"D.

Design Toscano

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