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Large Burgundy Red Cast Iron Tea Set

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This tea set is made of sturdy iron and has enamel coating inside the interior to prevent rusting. Due to the advantage of heat evenly and keeping heat well as well as its beauty, strength, and superb quality, cast ironware has been becoming more popular.

This high quality cast iron tea set has red burgundy color and it has ru yi symbol on the surface. The ru yi symbol represents Wishes Coming True.

This Burgundy Red Cast Iron Tea Set has big size of cast iron teapot and tea cups. This set includes one teapot, 2 tea cups, 1 removable stainless filter and one trivet.

Height of the teapot is approx. 3" and Diameter of the teapot is approx. 6". The capacity of the teapot is approx. 23 1/2 fl oz capacity (approx. 700 ml).
The Height of the cup is approx. 2 1/4" and diameter of the cup is approx. 1 3/4". The capacity of the tea cup is approx. 3 1/2 fl oz capacity (approx. 100 ml).
Diameter of the Trivet is approx. 5 1/4". This teapot should not be used directly on stovetop to heat water.

Feng Shui Import

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