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Longevity Knowledge Vase

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The beautiful longevity knowledge vase has the image of Amitayus Buddha on the top and 8 powerful Tibetan symbols on the vase.  This longevity knowledge vase is one of the feng shui cures to ward off sickness energy and bring good health.

Amitayus Buddha is known as his longevity attribute, the aggregate of recognition and the deep awareness of individualizes. He is is the Buddha of longevity, merit and wisdom.  Amitayus Buddha uses his infinite merits to heal all kinds of physical and mental problems.

8 auspicious symbols are Canopy, Golden Fishes, Jar, Lotus, Conch, Mystic Knot, Victory Bell and Wheel of Transmigration. 8 auspicious objects can enhance good energy from 8 different locations and transform bad chi into auspicious energy. The meanings of 8 auspicious symbols are as followings:

  • Canopy: the symbol of authority of the Buddhism;
  • Golden Fishes: the symbol of freedom and wisdom. It is believed that the golden fish's eyes are the symbol of the sagacity since fish can see through even though it is in the mud water;
  • Vase: It is the container to store treasures that can satisfies what you wish;
  • Lotus: the significance of purity and happiness;
  • Conch: the meaning of distribution of the Buddhism and help from Buddhism;
  • Mystic Knot: the significance of the endless love;
  • Victory Bell: the symbol of the achievement of what you done;
  • Wheel of Transmigration: the illustration of the Buddhism.

You can display this Longevity Knowledge Vase in the SW position in 2013 and move it to East position in 2014.

The Longevity Knowledge Vase is approx. 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 6 3/4".  It is made of brass and embedded with crystals.  The top part with Amitayus Buddha image can be rotated and taken out.

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