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Money Tree with Evil Eye Jewels

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Who said money could not grow on trees? This lovely money tree features gold ingots and blue evil eye jewels: a perfect ornament for a desk, room, office, or room. Money trees are popularly used in Chinese culture as a way to attract and obtain riches effortlessly and abundantly. This beautiful symbol of wealth and prosperity has another positive strength when paired with evil eye jewels. Evil eyes are symbols found in many cultures as a representation of jealousy and dislike. Evil eye jewels are beautiful protection objects against eyes of jealousy and bad chi. This beautiful money tree with evil eye jewels is the perfect gift for close family and friends, and is bound to grant its owner a harmonious and fruitful life!

Money trees have been a popular symbol of wealth in China since ancient times. The money tree is often featured with large, firm roots – representing a strong foundation – and twisted branches with coins at the ends. The gold colored coins are round with a square center: representing the unity of heaven and earth. If displayed correctly. These coins will attract universal luck in all sectors of the world. Money trees are strong symbols of prosperity, and are able to grant their owners growth energy, good fortune, business luck, financial gains, and prosperous endeavors. Money trees are not only popularly found in numerous business centers and near cash registers, but also found in homes and offices.

While the money tree is a popular representation of wealth, evil eye jewels are powerful jewels used to combat negative chi and jealousy energy. Because jealousy can be a major problem in an office or home, evil eye jewels can be used to dissolve negative energy and form positive, healthy chi. The evil eye is a look believed to cause detrimental consequences for an environment and body, so these evil eye jewels are crucial to defeating harmful vibes and unhealthy chi.

For wealth, you can display the golden money tree in the wealth corner. Or you can directly put the money tress in a hallway or near to the main door so that people can see it as soon as they walk in.

This feng shui money tree is made of a lot of golden Chinese coins with evil eyes. Each coin is approx. 9/16" in diameter. The overall dimension of the evil eye money tree is approx.  5" x 5" x 4" when it is opened. The pot and trunk are made of resin.

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