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Natural Amethyst Geode-level 1

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Natural amethyst geode are believed to have magical power to calm down and release stress. They can let people drive away anxiety, fear and worry. Displaying natural amethyst geode at the bedroom can bring you a peaceful sleep.

Natural amethyst geode are used for body energy healing. They can enhance and attract more good energy into body. One in your desk can help you concentrate mind, enhance memory and make a right decision.

Natural Amethyst Geode is also one of powerful protective stones. It is believed that Amethyst Geode can block the bad chi and prevent physical attack. Displaying one in your back of desk can give you a good support.

The natural amethyst geode doesn't come with wood stand. We sell wooden stand separately.

Due to the varieties of the natural amethyst geode, each of them is unique. We can't ship the one exactly same as the picture shown here (Size, color or style of the Natural amethyst geode may be different).

Each of the natural amethyst geode is approx. 3". We sort them into 2 levels: level one will be a little smaller or lighter. Level 2 will be a little bigger or darker.

Price is for one. Since this picture is for variant items, picture may be different from the title. We will ship you the one same as the title name.

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