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Pair of Bejeweled Pi Yao Sculptures

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This beautiful pair of pi yao’s are crafted with superior detail and excellent coloring. The ruby and silver jewels add further sparkle to the pi yaos appearances and powerful demeanor. These beautiful pi yaos are brilliant for display, and as a gift for family and friends.

These auspicious “feng shui pets” are known for their abilities to ward off bad luck, increase money luck, fulfill wishes, and increase positive chi. Pi Yao’s are mystical creatures seen in Chinese cultures, and are often spotted outside large casinos, businesses, hotels, businesses, and homes.

The feng shui pi yao is often displayed near cash registers and business centers because these magnificent creatures are said to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter, increase business luck, and increase profits abundantly. Pi yao’s are said to ward off flying chi and illness chi: securing a prosperous and peaceful environment for you and your family.

Pi Yao’s are very unique because they do not have an anus and are said to have an infinite appetite. This enables the creature to only swallow in large sums, and not have anything to pay in return. This is why the pi yao is so popular among businessmen and centers; the pi yao will enable its owner to earn lots of money, and not lose any profit. Some people even bring pi yao’s to casinos to win extra money and increase your good luck.

The pi yao is also famous for its obedient, powerful, and protective character. Pi Yaos – like Foo Dogs – will protect its owner from negative chi and illnesses. The pi yao is often featured on small charms and amulets to enable its owner to carry them around in a versatile manner: securing the owner’s protection against ill chi, abilities to achieve goals, and business luck. . In addition, hiding one pi yao statue (Don't let people see your Pi Yao) at home is said to prevent bad chi from entering home.

Price is for one pair. Each of the pi ya is approx. 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 3 1/2". The bejeweled pi yao can be opened for storing wishing note or small coins and they are made of bejeweled cloisonne.

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