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Pair of Money Toads

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Money Toad Statues are auspicious symbols of good fortune. The money toad is known as the divine version of a toad, and is a widely used symbol of prosperity, wealth, and fortune. Money toads have been used and seen in Chinese art since antiquity, and these holy creatures are said to protect against misfortune and bring in more abundance to its beholder. These two toads are sitting on one large bed of coins, and are decorated with vibrant colors, exquisite detailing, and coin ornaments.

How to Display it?

  • Place it near the front door, positioned in lower level but not on the ground.
  • Or place it at one of the corners of the house (diagonal corner is the best), mouth facing the main door
  • For those have business/shop, they can place it near the cash register ( make sure its mouth is not facing the cash register)

Dimension: approx. 6" x 2.5" x 2"

Material: Advanced Colorful Resin

Feng Shui Import

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