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Peace and Harmony Amulet with Dove of Peace

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This Peace and Harmony Amulet consists of one red apple shaped amulet and one dove of peace. Carrying such Peace and Harmony Amulet with dove of peace can lower down the bad effect of bad flying star #3 and bring peace and harmony.

Apple in feng shui is the symbol of peace and abundance since apple sounds phonetically as Ping that has the meanings of Peace and Safety. HUM syllable and red sun on the apple enhances its power to bring down the quarrel energy. 

New green leaf represent new life, fresh and peace. It enhances the power of the bejeweled apple.  Furthermore, one peace dove can bring peace.

Carrying this amulet throughout the year can be very beneficial to deflect the ill-developed wood energyof disharmony. It is also recommended for the zodiac Dragon and Snake, whose original zodiac palaces are in the southeast.

The amulet is made of brass embedded with red crystal. The dimension of the Peace & Harmony Amulet itself is approx. 1 3/4". Overall length of the apple amulet keychain is approx. 5 1/2".

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