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Red Aventurine Tumbled Polished Natural Stone

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Red Aventurine tumbled polished natural stone provides passionate energy and courage, it brings strength and self-assurance, and allows one to be pragmatic and composed in pursuing goals, yet still be impassioned.

It enables one to initiate and carry on an important action, to restore one's sense of humor, allowing one to see and reflect one's mistakes, and move on with confidence.

It is said that it has the power of speeding metabolism, adjusting low blood pressure, pulse and irregular heartbeat, and helping to reduce cholesterol levels, and relieving the side effects of radiotherapy and hemophilia.

As a blood-strengthening stone, Red Aventurine is capable of stimulating red blood cell production in the bone marrow, enhancing blood flow and circulation, and providing balance in auto-immune disorders and the immune system in general.

Red Aventurine benefits the liver and removes toxins. It also supports the reproductive system, increases libido and aids in fertility.

For Feng Shui practice, one can display the eight pieces of red aventurine in the north sector of on'’s house to usher in the blissful energy of a joy star in the year of Horse.

The Red Aventurine Tumbled Polished Natural Stone has grade A and it has big size (thick). Each of gemstone is approx. 1".

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