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Shema Yisrael Hamsa Pendant Necklace by Adina Plastelina

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This eye catching piece has been designed by Adina Plastelina, a renowned Israeli Jewelry designer, who creates her craft by using the Millefiori "thousand flower" process.
This thousand-butterflies pendant is completely handmade from white gold plated sterling silver (The white gold prevents sterling silver from tarnishing) and polymer clay which gives it its lustrous and radiant appearance.

Shema Yisrael prayer: The most important of all Jewish sayings, the Shema is the first prayer a Jewish child is taught to say. A declaration of faith and a pledge of our allegiance, the Shema is said upon arising in the morning, before going to sleep at night, when praising God, when beseeching Him, and it is the last word upon the Jew's lips when leaving this life.

Chain: 16 in. beautiful silver hearts chain is included

Ajudaica Designs

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