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Save an extra $2.00 off with coupon code Summer24
Save an extra $2.00 off with coupon code Summer24

Silver Round Chai Pendant by Golan Studio

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The blessing of life!

This pretty sterling silver has been hand engraved with one of Judaism’s most powerful words - CHAI – life. The two letters making up the word have the numerical value of 18, an auspicious number in Jewish tradition. On the back of the pendant is inscribed (Psalms 18:47): Hashem lives and my Rock is blessed – words that are part of Shabbat zemirot, expressing total trust in G-d.

This necklace was hand engraved by Golan, an expert on the Kabalistic properties of Biblical verses. Wearing this necklace expresses a fervent prayer for Divine protection for ourselves and our dear ones. The chain is not included. 

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