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Sitting Kwan Yin with Lights & Music

Kwan Yin carrying a vase and sitting on a lotus is the most popular Goddess. She always helps people who in depression and difficulty go through their tough life. It is said she uses the water in her carrying vase to help people overcome all kinds of problems, such as sickness problems, relationship problems, lawsuit problems, career problems, children problems, etc. In addition, she also guides people to attain good merits. This sculpture is very good for the child's problem.

How to place it?

Display her everywhere except the bathroom and kitchen. It is better to display her facing the main door.
You can display her in your child's room for the child's problem. Remember to display her in an important area.
Dimension: approx. 18" in height

Material: porcelain with lights, incense, and candles. It also has two different kinds of music when you plug in.