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Standing Guan Gong Statue Holding Qing Long Dao

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Guan Gong is one of famous Chinese warriors in ancient China. He is wearing the beautiful Chinese imperial court robe and holding the Qing Long Dao. Qing Long Dao is Chinese pole weapon with the Green Dragon on it. It is also called Guan Dao.

Guan Gong can ward off all kinds of bad energies and give you full protection. He is also good for business since he is the protector of the politicians and business leaders alike. If you display standing guan gong statue holding qing long dao at home, it is better to display in the living room or family, not in the bedroom.

This beautiful product has multi-color and nice carving. The dimension of it is approx. 10 1/2" in height and it is made of resin.

Feng Shui Import

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