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Wish Granting Tree with Lucky Charms

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Flying star #5 causes all kinds of bad luck, disasters, wealth loss and sickness, this wish granting tree embedded with a lot of lucky charm is the most recommended feng shui item to lower down this inauspicious flying star #5. It can bring new opportunities, enhance auspicious energy , bring good fortune and protect from money loss.

The Wish Granting Tree is embedded with Darmachakra magic wheel, mystic knot, bird, double dorje, golden ingot, golden mongoose, pink lotus and wish fulfilling jewel and sacred seed syllable.

Darmachakra magic wheel is the symbol of wisdom, mystic knot represent doing everything well, abundance and endless love. Bird stands for new life and opportunities. Double dorje represent wisdom and powers. Golden ingot symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Golden mongoose stands for bring wealth. Pink lotus is the symbol of purity. Wish fulfilling jewel represents wish fulfillment. Sacred seed syllables is for protection.

The wish granting tree has a lot of branches with one crystal base. Its branches reaching to Heaven to represent Father Sky and its roots extended to the crystal base stands for Mother Earth. It also stands for the source of new life and sustenance for all.

The roots buried inside the crystal base with the gold coins on the tree also secure your wealth and provide your financial stability. 

The wish granting tree is made of brass and crystal base. The dimension of it is approx. 5" x 3 1/4" x 7".

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