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Yellow Dzambhala Plaque

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Surrounded with auspicious cloud, adorned with a jeweled crown and precious gold ornaments, the deity seated in the center of the lotus throne is known as the God of Wealth, Yellow Dzambhala.  

As one the Five Wealthy Dzambhalas, yellow Dzambhala is also a protector. According to legend, if one has trouble in life, one can chant the mantra of Yellow Dzambhala's and he will come and help. However, one must have a bodhi mind and practice Buddhism properly to attain his blessings. Besides wealth, one can also gain wisdom and through the practice of worshiping Yellow Dzambhala.   

One can display this yellow Dzambhala plague in the flying star #8 or 6 located to activate the beneficial star # 8 and #6, or simply place it in any conspicuous area in the office.

The Yellow Dzambhala Plaque is made of wood. It can be displayed on the table or shelf or hung on a wall. The dimension of it is approx. 9" x 7" x 3/4". 

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