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St Patricks Day Shamrock Decoration Hanging LED Neon Light

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Light Effect: Green
Size: Medium

Illuminate your St. Patrick's Day with the vibrant glow of our Shamrock Neon Light!

Make your St. Patrick's Day celebrations even more magical with this 11.5 Inch St. Patricks Day Shamrock Decoration Hanging LED Neon Light. Transform your space into a St. Patrick's Day wonderland with our Shamrock Neon Light. Its vibrant green color and eye-catching design will instantly lift your spirits and create a festive atmosphere. 

This shamrock light is made with high-quality materials, including an acrylic plate, neon flex, power supply, and accessories for easy installation. The transparent cable, approximately 6.56ft long, provides flexibility in hanging the light wherever you desire. The A/C power cord, approximately 5ft. long, ensures a convenient power supply from the transformer.

With easy installation methods, you can quickly set up the neon light and start enjoying its mesmerizing glow. It's the perfect addition to your St. Patrick's Day decorations or as a gift for someone special. A beautiful piece to create a truly enchanting St. Patrick's Day celebration!

  • Main Idea: Vibrant and eye-catching Shamrock Neon Light
  • LED Color: Green
  • Acrylic Board Color: 5mm 6mm Acrylic plate 
  • Backboard Shape: Transparent, black, or colored
  • LED Power Adapter: Square board, cut to form letters or shapes
  • Main Parts: Acrylic plate, Neon flex, Power supply, Accessories for installation
  • Transparent Cable: Approximately 6.56' long (from LED sign)
  • A/C Power Cord: Approximately 5' long (from transformer)
  • Installation Methods: Easy installation methods


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