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Bride and Groom Statues

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Bride Groom, dressing in traditional matrimonial costumes, are specially designed in a state of forever sweetness, which represents bliss in love, cherishment and care of each other. For singles who seeking for love, it is a great feng shui symbol to attract a potential partner and spice up the intimacy in your love luck. These lucky figures are also good for family harmony.

Placing them in your relationship corner in your house is an authentic way to usher the joyous events ensure the family harmony. Married couples can place them by the bed. Place this couple in your Yan Nian position to tap your love energy and ensure a stable healthy relationship.

You can click the tool to find out where your Yan Nian is.

approx. 4 3/4" in length and 2 3/4" in height

Feng Shui Import

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