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Collectors Hand Painted Yemenite Shofar - Western Wall

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This stunning Yemenite Horn features three Jewish symbols expressing the Jewish People’s spiritual strength: the seven-branch Menorah shedding light to the world; the Western Wall, sole remnant of the Holy Temple, destroyed almost two thousand years ago; Shabbat candles representing the holy Shabbat, key to Jewish survival in its exile. Each of these motifs, hand-painted by Israeli artist Irina Rabinovich, gleams with an inner beauty that express their inner message.

Hand-painted by Irina Rabinovich. This gifted Russian artist grew up in Siberia, yearning to settle in Israel. Today, deeply fulfilled, she paints Yemenite Shofar horns, bringing to them a unique style and beauty.

Easy blow horn. Non-scented.
Available in length 42”-45”. Measurement is around outside curve.
Before shipping, the horn will be checked again to ensure superior sound quality.

This shofar takes a week to prepare.

Size: 42"-45"

Ajudaica Designs

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