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Dragon Snake with 5-Element Pagoda Wind Chime

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This beautiful brass Dragon Snake with 5-Element Pagoda Wind Chime consists of three parts: one golden medallion with the images of the Dragon and Snake on the top; 6 brass rods carved with OM MANI PADME HUM attached to the circular metal plate on the middle; one 5-Element Pagoda amulet on the bottom. This wind chime is the feng shui cure to flying star #2 and #5.

Flying stars #2 and #5 are the deadly flying stars which caused sick problems and disaster. Since both of them belongs to Earth element, the 6 rod Wind Chime which belongs to Metal element is the best feng shui solution to them. Besides this, 5 element pagoda attached on the bottom is also the cure to the flying star #5.

OM MANI PADME HUM are carved on each of the 6 brass rods. OM MANI PADME HUM are the most powerful mantra to ward off bad energy and protect you.

Dragon is believed it has great power to bring prosperity, good fortune and wealth whilst snake can help you win over your competition. The images of the dragon and snake on the medallion are the powerful combination of the energy. They use their black magic to protect you from harm and bring good fortune.

The Dragon Snake with 5-Element Pagoda Wind Chime is made of brass and it has nice sound. The over all length is approx. 20 1/2" in length. Each of the rod is approx. 4" in length.

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