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Gemsbok Shofar

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This Gemsbok Shofar with its striking straight line is particularly attractive. It is 27”-29” in length and is hand-crafted in Israel. Although Gemsbok Shofars are rarer than the regular rams’ horn, we have a large stock and so you can be assured of immediate delivery. It is non-scented and carries the full Rabbinate certification. Before shipping, it will be checked again for sound and quality. The color and shape may vary from the illustration.

The Gemsbok Shofar comes from a Kosher African antelope. Unlike the traditional curved spiraling Shofars, it is straight or nearly straight and can reach up to 30 inches in length. It is a popular item since it is relatively easy for the novice to immediately produce different sounds. The more experienced blower will succeed in getting even eight different notes from this Shofar.

Size: 27"-29"
Handmade in Israel

Ajudaica Designs

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