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Grey Marble Pyramid

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This exquisite marble pyramid contains a finely polished surface and an absolutely beautiful appearance. Crystal pyramids are often utilized to amplify and tightly focus the positive energy vibes from their complementary stones; this marble pyramid is the perfect ornament for a home, office, desk, or room ! Marble is a powerful cleansing stone that is able to purify the emotional, mental, and physical states of the body; when this marble pyramid is placed in a room, negative energies will be blocked and auspicious chi will be amplified.

This gorgeous marble pyramid contains all the wonderful features from both its pyramid shape and its marble stone. As a finely polished pyramid, this marble pyramid is able to tightly focus the energy from the marble to the apex; by doing so, pyramid stones are able to expel the negative energy from a room, and diminish the blockage from Chakras.

Marble is a beautiful stone often found in shades of white, tan, yellow, red, grey, and black, and often contain interesting swirls and patterns. Marble is often used as a cleansing and meditation stone, and is known to help strengthen the blood, skin, and cleansing systems of the body. Marble is used for clarity of the mind and soul: enabling one to fully develop his or her self-control and thoughts. Marble has wonderful powers of serenity, and is able to express calming and harmonious vibes.

Dimensions: approx. 2" x 2" x 2 1/8"

Material: mable stone

Feng Shui Import

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