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Kosher Fish Gelatin Powder- Certified Kosher

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Recognized Kashrut seal. Now, at last, an undisputed Kosher gelatin is available for the consumer who is particular about the kashrut of his food products. Williger Food Co. offers a fish-derived gelatin carrying the highly respected Kosher certificate of Machzikei Belz and the Rabbinate of Sderot.

Each package contains two sachets of 28 gr.

Preparation (translation from Hebrew - written on the pack):
Mix the contents of one sachet with half a cup of milk or water.
Wait until it is fully melted – about 25 minutes.
Heat on low gas stirring until a temp of 60-70 degrees is reached.
Stir until melted. Remove from heat. Cool.
Can be used for all recipes requiring gelatin

Kosher gelatin powder
100% Kosher
two sachets of 28 gr. each

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