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Megilat Ester Hamelech Sefardi

Original price $1,638.75 - Original price $2,760.00
Original price
$1,638.75 - $2,760.00
Current price $1,638.75
Size: Mehudar A (30cm / 12")

Do you not want the great honor of possessing your own personal Megillah to use in the Synagogue on Purim as you follow the Reader’s recitation? It is written that this is praiseworthy. Many families have the custom to present a Megillah to a father or grandfather or another member who has reached a venerable age. It is a gift that will be proudly used every Purim and lovingly put away to wait another year.

This Megillah scroll is written in the venerated Vellish – the used by Yemenite and Sephardic Jews – those of Oriental origin. The parchment is the smooth shelil which is favored by scribes for quality writing. All Ajudaica megillot are of superior quality and carry the official certification.
There are varying levels of aesthetics which are usually only detected by a discerning eye. A choice is available. The usual size of a Megillat Esther is 30cm/12”. Also on offer is the size 40”/16”.

Note: The price is for the scroll only and does not include the storage box.

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