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Megillat Esther with French Translation - Softcover

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Lire la Megillat Esther - Une histoire de courage et de triomphe! Read the Megillat Esther - A Story of Courage and Triumph! 
The Megillat Esther with French Translation - Softcover is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the ancient story. This book's softcover makes it easy to carry around, and its French translation allows readers to understand the story in a new way, giving them a richer and more meaningful experience when reading about Queen Esther's brave acts. With this special edition you can explore the timeless tale in an entirely different language! 
  • Édition de Megillat Esther avec traduction française
  • Explication des coutumes et traditions liées à chaque péricope dans le texte original hébreu
  • Contient des notes sur l'histoire et la tradition juives associés à l'histoire

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